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The Society

The Society is a National Breed Society and its members are distributed throughout the UK.
Membership is open to anyone interested in the British Toggenburg goat.
Most of the funding of the Society comes from Membership subscriptions - so if you would like details and an application form click

Aims of the Society
The aims of the Society are:
To work to improve the quality of the breed, and to strive to eradicate defects.
To promote the qualities of the British Toggenburg goats at home and abroad.
These qualities include:
Sound conformation
Long lactation
Efficient food conversion
Good quality of butterfat and protein
Excellent temperament
To prepare and maintain a comprehensive publication detailing the qualities and achievements of British Toggenburgs, revising it and updating it as required.
To maintain a register of sires and monitor potential by the way of performance of their female relatives.
To encourage the export of British Toggenburgs, without depriving the home stock.
To provide breeders of British Toggenburgs with a forum for the exchange of views though a regularly published Journal.
To hold an annual Breed Show, and encourage British Toggenburg classes at other shows.
What does the Society provide for its members?
In a normal year we aim
To Produce 3 issues of the BT Journal, providing information and articles of interest to all goat-keepers, but especially BT breeders.
To produce a Register of BT males at stud.
To organise an annual Breed show
To hold an A.G.M. at R.A.S.E. Stoneleigh jointly with the BA Breed Society, with a shared lunch and afternoon speaker.